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calum hall


Tobermory, Isle of Mull

I studied Fine Art among the lush embrace of the sub-tropical gardens of Falmouth School of Art, dedicating my focus to printmaking with a specialization in photopolymers. Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, I established my own print and design enterprise in 1997 with much needed and valued support from the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. My projects have spanned the spectrum from promotional printing to the artful domain of package design. I am excited to have exhibited and sold art and design work across the globe. I have worked for the past 14 years in the arts sector for one of the busiest and outstanding arts organisations in Scotland, An Tobar and Mull Theatre, as the Marketing Manager (among the less tropical gardens of Tobermory).

My arts practice delves into the nuanced exploration of luminosity, metallic constituents, and ephemerality within the realm of expression. Employing a sophisticated amalgamation of stratification, photographic technique, and the application of industrial paints upon randomised and sytematically treated metallic surfaces, my work predominantly manifests through the magnificent medium of printmaking, utilizing solarplates, copper, and zinc plates. My investigation is steeped in the profound aesthetic tenets intrinsic to the Japanese philosophy of impermanence, and it is distinguished by the integration of avant-garde industrial and naturally randomized methodologies. This results in compositions that harmoniously synthesize traditional printmaking and painting techniques alongside modern industrial processes.

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