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Khara MacPhail


I am the new Campbeltown Museum apprentice, working with CHARTS and Live Argyll, supported by Museums, Galleries Scotland.

I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in History and Criminology but have always had an interest in heritage and tourism- which was almost what I chose for my degree. I studied history in school and my local heritage was never taught or linked to any topics we covered. Similarly, I am studying full time, and in part-time employment, so there isn’t much time for me to delve into Campbeltown's past. That is the driving force behind me applying and accepting this apprenticeship with CHARTS.
This is a museum technician apprenticeship and I look forward to learning about museum curation and the care that goes into museum displays, to develop my public speaking skills, and my ability to assist and improve customer experience in the museum. And, selfishly, to learn about my hometown and gain knowledge to potentially pursue a career in history and heritage.