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Sarah Boulton


I am an artist, poet and parent to two young children. I grew up in rural Wales and now live in rural West Scotland! I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and then the Slade School of Fine Art, where I began to understand the role of liveness in my practice. I make works or witness encounters that are often ephemeral in moment and form and then I find performative ways to share these things, which are also often ephemeral or time-based, interacting intimately with the viewer through poetry, video, sound, or gentle happenings. I am interested in open-endedness and in narratives or happenings that do not have a conclusion or end point. I am interested in memory and how it can be articulated through liveness, and in in the overlap between privacy and public space.

My Showcase

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Sarah Boulton, Diamond Dove (Wysing Arts Centre version), installed on phone screen savers of staff and artists during preview of group show, 2018.jpg (14)
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