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Kirsten Millar



Kirsten Millar is an artist based in the West Coast of Scotland, originally from Dundee, whose practice questions notions of centre and periphery in the context of modernity and temporality.

Kirsten is interested in cultural documents, how we engage with industrial and environmental sites over time, and how these shape our current interactions with the landscape.

Kirsten’s work connects the archaeological and industrial by looking at the varied and forgotten legacies, tales and manipulations of the environment, dissecting perceptions of landscape and how historical narratives shape our current interactions with the environment. Recently her work has looked into the deconstruction of conventional images of the Scottish landscape, often romanticised as wild, untouched and separate from modernity and human influence, by eroding the binary categorisation of nature and technology.

Existing in-between fact and fiction, ancient and modern, Kirsten’s work is speculative and slips in and out of time periods by exploring these overlapping relationships. Using psycho geographic techniques of ‘drifting’ and ‘playfulness’ to (re)discover, (re)construct and connect with unseen and intangible temporalities and histories. Kirsten uses field research, material investigations, archival materials and sounds to interrogate how layers of history and identity in the landscape are told through natural objects and man-made interventions. These findings are expressed through visual experiments and sound using extracted materials that exist within the landscape, playing with layers of time by referencing artefacts found, structures that exist, and those yet to be created.

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