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Valerie is a multi-disciplinary artist based in her studio in Innellan. The direction of her studio practice is multifaceted.
Coming from a background in sculpture and using materials of stone, ceramic and paper, materiality is a key factor in Valerie’s artwork. Originally from Cork, Valerie moved to Glasgow in 2004 to take up a placement as a visual art tutor with Project Ability where she continues to work as an artist practitioner. Over the last four years Valerie has investigated the use of alternative photographic techniques inspired by residencies at Benmore Botanic Garden (2018/19), The National Library of Scotland and with the SOC Scottish Ornithological Club (2019/20). With support from VACMA (2020 & 2021) Valerie explored solar plate etching techniques with cyanotype printmaking combining both processes on Japanese handmade papers, recycled cotton and linen fabrics resulting in a series of prints that have been exhibited throughout 2021/2022 nationally and internationally. This year, Valerie has focused on the use of natural pigments with support from Scotland’s Climate Festival Seed Fund, Lumen printmaking, with support from the Richard and Siobhan Coward Foundation and Printmaking & Artist bookmaking with support from VACMA 2022. Recent work explores linking colour to place, extracting and making ink from found and foraged material and incorporating print and alternative photographic processes. Valerie exhibits nationally and internationally, this year (2022) in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Amsterdam, London and Edinburgh.

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