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Orains is the design partnership between Pieter van der Werf, artist, and Fiona Page, supply chain specialist.

We make large-scale textile art working with Scottish wool.

The work is informed and heavily influenced by the land we live on, by the sheep that graze the hill-farms, by the farmers who make a living rearing the sheep. Socio-economic factors play an important role.

We collect Scottish wool direct from the farmers and can trace each fleece from the three principal farms we work with.
The main breeds are Scottish Blackface from Colintraive, Jacob from Lephinmore, Hebridean from Inveraray. Scottish Blackface is of great interest because of its staple length.

We are continuously exploring ways to strengthen the supply chain, encompassing heritage, history and the future, and to give new meaning, relevance and purpose to Scottish wool and our designs.