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Miek Zwamborn


Miek Zwamborn is a conservationist, writer, translator and artist. For the last few years, her practice has focussed on the tidal zone, shoreline and Celtic rainforest on the Southern tip of Mull where she studies the environment via poetry, drawings, photography, foraging and cooking. Miek co-runs the creative art/literature hub KNOCKvologan, a project to explore the natural environment with scientists, artists, composers, cooks and designers. Her anthology 'The Seaweed Collector’s Handbook' was published by Profile Books and translated to German (Matthes & Seitz) and Italian (Nottetempo). Her most recent publication is 'Onderling' (Van Oorschot, 2023), a portrait of an island and its inhabitants captured in essays, poems, letters, photography and drawings.

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