Iona Tytler, Heritage Horizons

Iona Tytler, Heritage Horizons, Dunoon

Over 12 weeks they worked alongside the Castle House Museum manager to learn about all aspects of the museum, from front-of-house to accessing archives to create improved visitor experiences, all set against the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Castle House Museum and CHARTS supported Iona by giving them access to valuable skills development opportunities and 1 to 1 mentoring support helping to set them on a career trajectory in the heritage and cultural sector.

Originally from Dunoon, Iona is interested in social, LGBTQ+ and gender history. During their placement, Iona:

  • worked to uncover underrepresented narratives often not featured in popular history 
  • Focused on the museum’s clothing collection and developed object handling skills. 
  • Gained access to Castle House Museums Archive 
  • Created text about Dunoon’s Suffrage movement (view online) which was turned into a public display. 
  • Engaged new audiences through their displays
  • Received training, advice, and support for Castle House Museum staff 
  • Support and progress meetings with CHARTS project coordinator Kirsty MacNab 
  • Learnt how best to portray a heritage organisation online through giving a presentation at CHARTS webinar ‘Love Heritage’, which they received support for from Kirsten Millar


“I developed visitor service skills and a welcoming front-of-house persona, alongside object handling skills, and how to create text for a museum display. I also had the chance to be trained by a STGA trainer and learnt how to disseminate historical information on a guided tour.”  Iona Tytler


‘I feel this is a really good working model to get young people into heritage, as it has given me a lot of skills that are needed for the sector… it has brought me more involved with my local heritage sector and the museum itself [Castle House Museum] which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise’ Iona Tytler 


Image: Iona during their placement at Castle House Museum.