Chartslesleyburr (10 Of 19)

A celebration of Argyll’s culture, heritage and arts

The CHARTS showcase will bring together an impressive programme of exhibitions, experiences, workshops and discussion to St John’s Cathedral in Oban on the 14th September. The day will provide an immersive cultural environment to meet, learn and experience our diverse network of culture, heritage and arts professionals.

There will be an opportunity to meet with representatives of the recently constituted CHARTS charity/ SCIO, and learn of its plans for the ongoing support of the sector.

Highlights include talks from Cove Park and Cultural Documents, performances from Clair Tierney, Mark Neal and Eilidh Steel, demonstrations from Archipelago Folk school, workshops from Jamie Smith and Deville Studios, exhibitions from Lynne Cameron and Argyll Papers plus lots more to discover.

“I think it’s a great idea to bring artists together in this kind of showcase event. Although I love the silence and solitude of working in my island studio, I’m looking forward to meeting other people in the network and having the chance to share my paintings in this way.Visual Artist and Contemporary Abstract Painter, Lynne Cameron. 

CHARTS are delighted to be hosting the event in the beautiful setting of St John’s Cathedral in the heart of Oban. St Johns’ Provost, the Very Reverend Margi Campbell says;

“We are so delighted to welcome this really exciting day to the Cathedral. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience our rich heritage and culture, music, arts and crafts that are so much a part of Argyll and the Isles in a building which is celebrating 155 years since it was first built in 1884 as a small church in the fields!”

The evening will see the premiere screening of five short films, each capturing a different element of culture, heritage and arts in Argyll and the Isles, with these and further performances being live-streamed globally.

Music, dance, piping, the Gaelic language, art, craft, history and heritage will all come together to promote and celebrate Argyll’s creative talents

Day Programme: 11.00am - 5.00pm

Evening Programme: 6.00pm - 8.00pm