The Argyll Collection Reconnected Rosalyn Mckenna (Project Manager) Condition Checks William Mactaggart’S Across The Bay. 2023, Credit CHARTS

The Argyll Collection Inventory

The Argyll Collection Inventory

Recently, the Reconnected team, Research Manager Kirsty McNab and Project Manager Rosalyn McKenna have travelled around Argyll and Bute to carry out an inventory of the Argyll Collection stored across multiple archives, libraries and schools. This has been a fantastic experience with opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Argyll, meet new people, and get up close to the works held in the collection. During these visits, Kirsty and Ros carried out condition checkers and documented the artworks for research purposes.

So far, Kirsty and Rosalyn have visited Islay, Lochgilphead, Dunoon and Bute, with further trips to Kintyre planned for over the winter period. 

“ It is always exciting and a total joy to enjoy an artwork in the flesh. Details that are impossible to see in digital images become apparent, and the sense of scale, composition and colour are inspiring.” -  Rosalyn McKenna.

 As the inventory continues, so do Ros and Kirsty’s ideas for how best to share the Collection in a new and creative way with as broad an audience as possible.