Teacher Collette Quinlan Working With Pupil To Look At Jennifer Hex, Gott Bay, Tiree

The Argyll Collection | Glenbarr Primary School

At the start of February Reconnected Project Manager, Rosalyn McKenna, visited Glenbarr Primary school, Kintyre, with a selection of artworks from the Argyll Collection. With a school role of just 5, Glenbarr were running an Arts & Literacy project in partnership with Dalintobar Primary School, Campbeltown, with the intention of allowing the 5 children to mix and share learning with other pupils.  Rosalyn was invited by learning support teacher, Elizabeth Nimmo, to lead a visual literacy session using the Argyll Collection as a starting point.  Rosalyn selected a variety of seascape-themed works, including textiles, prints and paintings, and spent the day with the teachers and children exploring the artworks through discussion and practical art-based activities.  

It was a brilliant day, the children full of questions and fascinating insights into the artworks.  The session acted as a wonderful reminder of just how valuable the use of the visual arts is in school-based learning.  

'Talking through the art that Ros brought gave the children the confidence to paint, layer, chalk and draw. They were so pleased with their pieces and they cannot wait to show them at their exhibition.  The visit by CHARTS fitted perfectly with the structure of the project and as a school, we could not have been more proud of the children’s engagement.' Colette Quinlan, Acting Principal Teacher/Pupil Support Teacher, Dalintober PS & ELC and Glenbarr PS