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Study Days 2024

40 Years of Art and Art History in Scotland: Scottish Society for Art History Study Days 2024

On Friday, 1 March, The Argyll Collection Research Manager Kirsty MacNab joined Art Historians, Curators, Collections Managers, and Researchers from across Scotland to present at the Scottish Society for Art History’s 40th anniversary conference. 

Organised in partnership with Visual Arts Scotland and Art UK, the two-day conference invited speakers to reflect on the past, and future, forty years of Scottish art. 

The event featured papers on diverse themes such as Celebrating Anniversaries, Curating Collections, Technologies, Institutions and Organisations, Developments in Artistic Practice, History and Nationality, and Art History and Gender. 

Kirsty shared the story of The Argyll Collection and presented the audience with the wonderful opportunities which lie ahead in the next forty years. During her presentation, Kirsty shared details of classroom-based learning opportunities such as Ros McKenna’s February 2024 session at Glenbarr Primary School; skills-building chances such as Lily’s Vaughan’s current Exhibition Traineeship; the exciting outcomes from academic partnerships with The University of St Andrews; and public exhibitions.

View the selection of artworks featured in Kirsty’s presentation here.

Study Days 2024 was an inspiring opportunity to learn, listen, and discover potential collaborations. Thank you to the Scottish Society for Art History, Visual Arts Scotland, and Art UK for such a fantastic day.