Lily Vaughan Day One Of Installing Awaken The Argyll Collection , April 2024, Credit CHARTS

Blog Four | Awaken, The Argyll Collection

So this is it, my last blog as CHARTS’ Exhibition Trainee… 

Since my last blog, ‘Awaken, The Argyll Collection’, has been on display at Dunoon Burgh Hall (10 to 28 April 2024). 

I thoroughly enjoyed the installation of the exhibition—it has probably been my favourite part of my traineeship. Seeing my vision finally come together is truly magical! 

As mentioned in my previous blogs, the exhibition explores the theme of the five senses using interactive systems such as headphones for sound, fabric samples for touch and essential oils for smell! I chose this theme because for me, when I look at art, the first thing I usually consider is the story behind the work. What noises can I hear, or what scents can I smell? I wanted to give visitors the ability to engage with the work in the same sensory capacity and for them to experience a new way of connecting to the collection.

The opening event was Thursday, April the 11th, and it was a huge success! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of attendees - it was overwhelming (in the best way possible) just how many people had come to see my exhibition. I was also really proud of myself as I can see how much my confidence has grown when talking to large numbers of people since starting my traineeship with CHARTS. I would usually find events like that quite daunting, but I was excited and happy to be able to share my thoughts behind the curation of ‘Awaken’.

I got lots of positive feedback regarding the interactive elements of the exhibition. The headphones attached to the artwork ‘Waterfall Mull’ by Jennifer Hex were a collective favourite! 

During the display of ‘Awaken’, I ran workshops for the public in relation to the Argyll Collection. The first one, was a paper flower wreath workshop. During this, attendees were provided with a metal hoop, which they wrapped in a textile of choice and added 3D paper flowers to! This workshop was inspired by the piece ‘June Hedgerowby Caroline Hemming. The second workshop was a hand building workshop using air dry clay. During this, we looked at the ceramics of the Argyll Collection and created our own 60/70s pottery inspired by those within the collection! 

Nearing the end of my traineeship, a few people are wondering, well, what's next? I may have mentioned in some of my earlier blogs that I have a huge love for ceramics, and prior to my traineeship, I was working with the local ceramic artist Sea Drift Pottery. So, the next step for me will be getting back into my pottery! I have secured a few placements over the summer with various ceramicists and working studios to further grow my knowledge and experience in the industry.

Well, I hope that you have all enjoyed reading my blogs and hearing about my time with CHARTS! 


‘With every end, there is a new beginning’ - someone very wise.


I would like to thank a number of people for making the past 4 months such an incredible experience;

I am so grateful to each and everyone of you, thank you!


Lily Vaughan