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Viewfinders Club, Consulting Under 30s

During the Summer of 2023, Amy Dunnachie (Lead Artist for Under 30s consultation) worked to conceptualise and develop the Viewfinders Club, a creative opportunity for young people to express how they feel about their islands. Through a number of thought-provoking mixed media exercises and prompts, Amy has challenged participants to consider what’s good, what’s difficult and what is unique about the experience of being a young person on an island in Argyll.

Working with two small groups of young people in Colonsay and Mull, the Viewfinders Club sought to better understand the challenges and barriers to young islanders engaging in arts, culture, and heritage.

Amy Dunnachie is a socially engaged artist and maker based on her home island of Jura, working with found objects in a resourceful and environmentally conscious way.