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Sketches of Bute, Unveiling the Island's Soul through Film | Scott O’Neill

Sketches of Bute is an ongoing film project, due to finish in summer 2024, by writer, photographer and artist Scott O’Neill. Sketches of Bute aims to capture the essence of Bute's rugged landscapes and rich history. 

Through a blend of imagery and a soundscape which will include field recordings, original music and ambient sounds, Scott seeks to unveil the island's secrets, from its abandoned cottages and ancient burial sites to its mesmerising natural beauty.

Scott began filming on midsummer 2023 and will complete his work gathering footage on site on midsummer 2024. As well as the film being structured across a year in time, it will also be split into four sections, North, South, East and West; each section focuses on that particular part of Bute and is labelled with the exact time it was filmed and its geographical coordinates.

The Ràmh bursary played a pivotal role in bringing Sketches of Bute to life. Not only did it provide crucial funding for essential equipment, but it also served as the much-needed catalyst for Scott to embark on this creative journey. The support enabled Scott to delve deep into Bute's landscape, translating his vision into captivating visual narratives.

The support from Ràmh has been transformative for Scott's artistic practice. It has empowered him to hone his technical skills in camerawork and editing, pushing the boundaries of his creative expression. Looking ahead, Scott envisions integrating film, photography, and sound into future projects, with aspirations of creating immersive audio-visual installations.

Sketches of Bute epitomises the profound connection between art and landscape, weaving a narrative that transcends time and space. With the invaluable support of Ràmh and the collaborative spirit of CHARTS, Scott O’Neill continues to push the boundaries of his artistic practice, unveiling the hidden treasures of Bute for all to behold.


Join the Journey:

Experience the magic of Sketches of Bute and embark on a visual odyssey through the heart of Bute's untamed beauty. Stay tuned for updates, collaborations, and future projects as Scott O’Neill continues to push the boundaries of artistic exploration.