Miek & Rutger Islands Advocates Photo Credit Caroline Ross

Islands Satellite Groups

The Islands Satellite Group is an extension of CHARTS steering group and a pilot project designed to improve creative networks in Argyll’s islands, connect islanders with CHARTS and our resources and to tackle social isolation in our islands. Throughout November, four Island Advocates in North Mull, the Ross of Mull & Iona and Bute, have hosted meetings in their respective communities to hear about opportunities, barriers and needs from local practitioners.

CHARTS’ Islands Team is also acutely aware of the isolation experienced by many islanders, particularly in the winter months, and the direct effect of isolation on wellbeing, sense of community and the capacity and desire to create. It is hoped that these regular meetings will form the basis for a community of those in arts, culture and heritage to provide mutual support, inspiration and resource gathering.

Our Island Advocates are:

Ross of Mull & Iona - Rutger Emmelkamp and Miek Zwamborn (KNOCKvologan)

North Mull - Calum Hall

Bute - Sam Kilday


Our Island Advocates will continue to organise and host meetings until March 2024, when the pilot will be reviewed and, if successful, expanded to other island communities.

To find out when and where the next Island Satellite Group Meet-ups are, visit the CHARTS events page. 



The first Satellite Group meeting was held on November 1st in the Isle of Bute Discovery Centre, Rothesay. 15 local people attended and enjoyed refreshments provided by the Bute Coffee Company.

There was a great variety of discussion, “it feels as though we have a supportive and forward-thinking group of community-minded creatives here” - Sam Kilday



Calum Hall hosted the second of our meetings at An Tobar, Tobermory, on November 11th. With 15 in attendance, there was a great conversation about life as islanders involved in arts, culture and heritage. 

“[The meeting was] very rewarding to hold” - Calum Hall. The group has already started thinking of ideas to use the Satellite Group as a springboard for further development of arts & culture in Mull. 



On the 22nd November, the third of our meetings was held at the KNOCKvologan Barn by Rutger and Miek, who warmly welcomed the community of the Ross and Iona into their studio for a relaxed conversation around the opportunities for development and collaboration in the local area.