Courtesy Of Adrien Howard

Adrien Howard | USA

Through Growing Global Networks, poet and publisher Adrien Howard was supported to work with international collaborators in New York and Philadelphia. 

One aspect of Adrien’s current research is a low-residency Masters of Fine Art at Bard College in upstate New York, which enables a sustained period of dialogue in the context of rural areas.

The aim of Adrien’s Growing Global international work was to undertake cross-cultural dialogues to consider what it means for Adrien to build an international practice as a rural artist with a practice based in the two very different rural places of upstate New York and rural Argyll, and in doing so, explore methods and challenges between practitioners.

Adrien travelled to Philadelphia and New York for in-person meetings with a range of art-writing organisations and bookshops and attended ‘Press Play’ at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York.

As part of this research into potential models for sustainable rural practices, Adrien gathered information and examples that created a set of real-world questions and strengthened networks and collaborations.

This international working has led to Adrien’s practice being programmed within a forthcoming group exhibition in New York as well as a reciprocal visit from USA to Argyll of artists to continue and further build from their peer-to-peer collaboration.