Hydrophonics, Credit Saimh Sound/ Rory Green

Eilean Led By Sàimh Sound Collective

A New Way Of Interacting With The Landscape


Sàimh Sound Collective has created a new touristic experience through unique sound works that explore Argyll's cultural and natural heritage. through Evolve, Sàimh Sound developed a different kind of artwork for visitors to Argyll and Bute and documented the contemporary sounds of the area. 

Sàimh Sound created their project Eilean, which is available to view online, by embedding themselves in the landscape to capture the essence of Lismore. The digital legacy of the project will help to promote and engage new audiences, attract people to Lismore, allow people to experience the project digitally and stimulate future conversations.

Find out more about Sàimh Sound Collective in their Case Study 2022.

Sàimh Sound Collective Audio