Richelle by Róise Nic an Bheatha, Credit Róise Nic an Bheatha (3)

Duais Dìleab Chaluim Chille / COLMCILLE LEGACY AWARD

Róise Nic an Bheatha

Róise Nic an Bheatha is a writer and director, who grew up in the North of Ireland, speaking Irish (Gaelige) from a young age. In 2011 she moved to Scotland where she began to learn Scotland’s Gaelic (Gaidhlig). Her work often pivots around the relationship between these languages, whilst also entering into a wider discussion surrounding the Celtic diaspora.

Róise’s work has previously been published in Artificial Womb Zine, The Poetry Foundation, Association for Scottish Literary Studies, and Vancouver’s The Peak. You can visit her most recent work at

When she’s not working, you will find her playing a tune on her fiddle or wild swimming in the Cairngorms.

Róise’s project involves the writing and creation of a short film that interrogates the interaction between Gaelic and Irish. The film explores the dynamic between a Rangers supporter (Gaelic speaker) and a Celtic supporter (Irish speaker) when they are forced to interact, pivoting around the idea that language can bring people together.

The short film delves into the relationship between Irish (Ireland) and Gaelic (Scotland). These languages are similar yet different, connected to each other through common ancestry, but also distinctly individual. The majority of people won’t know the difference between the two or the extent to which the two languages are connected. This short-film, Ri-Chéile, wants to change this.