Gina English 007

Duais Dìleab Chaluim Chille / COLMCILLE LEGACY AWARD

Gina Macdonald

Gina Macdonald, based on the Isle of North Uist, graduated in art from the University of the Highlands and Islands. Gina investigates the rhythms and patterns of her Hebridean heritage experimenting with visual forms fusing traditional and contemporary methods. Texture and colour feature but Gina also aims to explore repetition and reduction using a haptic method of drawing and print. Her work is process led and takes inspiration from local landscape and traditional crafts. Gina is a native Gaelic speaker.

Four knitted works represent the genealogy of St Columba. Gina traced his family lineage and converted it into a knitting pattern. The four works represent a Scottish and Irish piece in 2D and the same in 3d. The knitted work is a symbol of connection from Celtic heritage throughout the world and of specific interest in Ireland, Scotland, Nova Scotia to, Isle of Man.