ECC.1 Cartoon 2017 Dnimhathuna

Duais Dìleab Chaluim Chille / COLMCILLE LEGACY AWARD

Déirdre Ní Mhathúna

Déirdre  Mhathúna is an artist, singer and researcher. Visual art, performance and socially-engaged arts practice are equally important within her creative practice.  The people and places of the Psalmboat Project/Pròiseact Bàta nan Salm on the Isle of Lewis have been an important locus of her work for over a decade. The Colmcille Legacy Award brought welcome recognition for the project itself, which first came to life on the shores of Loch Èireasort on the feast of Colmcille, 2010.

Déirdre says:
"It is a privilege to join CHArts as we celebrate #Colmcille1500 this year. In my two short films I have set out to show the depth of Colmcille’s legacy in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd.”

Tha e na urram dhomh a bhith an sàs ann an CHArts am bliadhna, 's sinne a' comharrachadh #Colmcille1500. Tha mi an dòchas gum bi an dà fhiolm goirid agam a’ sealltainn doimhneachd dìleab Chaluim Chille ann an  Gàidhealtachd na h-Alba."