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Urras Achadh an Droighinn/The Auchindrain Trust

Bail' Ach' an Droighinn/Auchindrain Historic Township is a special place where time has stood still. Centuries ago, there were thousands of small farming communities, known as townships, spread across Scotland but today, Auchindrain is the only remaining living example. The township was established before 1500 and it has been operated as a museum since the 1960s when the last family moved out. All 22 buildings, spread over 22 acres of land, are category A listed and includes Scotland’s only A-listed timber house. Along with preserving history, the organisation promotes and develops traditional skills such as stone building and roof thatching.


“We are very excited to be partnering with CHARTS to provide young people the opportunity to learn job skills in the heritage sector. Running a site like Auchindrain involves a wide variety of responsibilities from front of house and marketing to digging ditches. No two days are the same.” Bob Clark, Director of the museum at Auchindrain


Image: Urras Achadh an Droighinn/The Auchindrain Trust


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