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Here at Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface, we’ve spent the last year working with a number of partners (both statutory, third sector and volunteers) to develop and implement a volunteering framework and associated actions. Now, that framework is being presented to the Community Planning Partnership and we are forging ahead with the next stage – a central volunteering site for Argyll and Bute; a one-stop shop for volunteering opportunities that benefit the communities that we care about! This is the first time we have had an Argyll and Bute site to encourage and support volunteering, and we would love you to be part of this exciting development.

We’re looking for an number of volunteer-involving organisations to help front load the system with volunteering opportunities. That means that there will be a number of opportunities available to volunteers when the site goes live, making it more likely that people will find something that they want to get involved in. The systems online volunteer management tools allow you to schedule volunteer attendance at events at the click of a button, access downloadable emergency contacts and attendance lists for events as well as manage your opportunities – gone is the need for spreadsheets or onerous volunteer management systems!

We also want your feedback on how the system worked for you. What worked well, what wasn’t clear, what could be better – that way, we can shape the system so it works for you in a way that matters to you! Your link to access the site and register as a provider of volunteering opportunities is here;

Please bear in mind that we are still tweaking the look and feel of the system, so these things will change over the next few weeks, but we felt that it was really important to get providers of volunteering opportunities on board sooner rather than later. I’m also happy to take feedback and thoughts on the look and feel of the system too.