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What Scotland Means To Me - Scottish Youth Film Festival

Posted by CHARTS

Deadline: 13 October 2018 at 00:00 We want young people to tell us in a short (less than a minute) film What Scotland Means To Them. Good, bad, serious, whimsical... whatever. A film competition for people under 19 years of age who reside in Scotland. The only stipulation is that the work is entirely original (no footage from other sources) and that it is less than 60 seconds long. You can tackle any subject, take any approach and use any equipment you like. Shoot in portrait, black and white, use actors or not... it's completely open. This is being run in conjunction with the National Libraries of Scotland Moving Image Archive which is based in Kelvin Hall, Glasgow and the winner will be announced at a ceremony held there on Nov 28th. The winning film will be held in the archives for future generations of Scots. For further information, please contact (Scott Mackay), or visit