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Map your cultural profile and apply for cash to create in your area - early bird opportunity

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Book now for free, guided, one-to-one online mapping workshop places, held at the best time to suit you.

Become part of a bespoke CHARTS network development programme supported by the Innovation School at the Glasgow School of Art and Creative Scotland. This opportunity is open to all members of CHARTS.

It’s all about the art of growth – where are you heading and who are you taking with you?

Early registration advised - individual and small group bookings (up to 5 people) welcome. Find out more in the attached PDF document and get in touch using the details enclosed.

"I just finished my cultural mapping session with Dr Michael Johnson. It was a life enhancing experience. I see the result as a living document and want to thank you for seeing the potential in this work and backing it." 
Alicia Hendrick

"My Mapping session with Dr Michael Johnson dramatically altered my outlook on a subject I had been avoiding for a variety of reasons. The systematic breakdown of skills and practises I am already utilising and then turning them into new opportunities was mind blowing. Dr Johnson was friendly and approachable but incredibly focussed on what he was trying to achieve and made the whole process a pleasure. We discussed and recorded all my approaches to date and then looked at where I could diversify my offerings in the current climate. By the end of the session, an option I had been discounting previously for a number of reasons was presented in a clear and doable way. I now have the steps and plan of action to move forward and feel confident I can achieve this.

The Zoom meeting enabled me to fit around my commitments and with Dr Johnson screen sharing his note taking, we were both able to see clearly the flow of ideas and possibilities. I would even go so far as to say that meetings like this are far superior to a traditional meeting in terms of time efficiency and productivity."
Ruth Slater, Isle of Bute.