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Creative Scotland Covid-19 funding programmes

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Creative Scotland has launched funding programmes designed to provide further support to sustain the country’s creative community during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • A Creative Scotland Bridging Bursary Fund for freelance creative professionals available from 30 March alongside a parallel Screen Scotland Bridging Bursary Fund for self-employed screen sector workers.
  • The Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development will provide support for individuals and organisations to sustain their creative development in the coming months, available from 3 April.

If you are in receipt of Creative Scotland funding, please claim outstanding balances from previous awards.  If your project has ended, please complete an End of Project Monitoring Form to claim the final payment for your project

If your project hasn’t ended yet, but you need an interim payment which is not already scheduled, please get in touch with Creative Scotland, either through your usual CS contact, the contact from your funding award email or through to discuss.