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Maga Esberg


Maga Esberg is a visual artist based in the Isle of Bute, UK. She has an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London.

Esberg’s practice is site-responsive and autobiographical and is based on observation and exploration of the connectedness between beings and things. She uses photography, video and found objects to document traces, marks, and narratives that she interprets into images or experiences.
Walking is key to the work; an opportunity to engage with a space in an intimate way; the body delimits the physical space whilst the mind and senses transform it.
Esberg is currently working on a film project that explores the close relationship between women and the world of flowers and plants.
It follows workers, artists, craft people, florists and gardeners to reveal their shared knowledge, passion, creativity and connection to the humble yet fascinating and significant flora.
Each stand-alone film tells the story of a woman and her social, economic, creative and industrial contribution
Maga Esberg has worked as a photography lecturer, tutor and workshop leader as well as in socially engaged documentary films. She runs HATCHED, a creative platform sharing work addressing women’s issues and experiences that deal with 'The personal is political’ and human rights. In 2014 Esberg joined Oxford University’s Wytham Woods Arts team and has been an artist in residence in the Woods . She runs @hummingbird_effect_trashtag,a socially engaged art_activism clean-up project. Be the small change!

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