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Rody Gorman


Isle of Skye

Rody Gorman was born in Dublin in 1960. He lectures in creative writing and edits the annual bilingual anthology An Guth. He also works as an official and literary translator, with versions to his name of work by Cavafy, Yeats, Neruda, Milosz, Rósewicz, Popa, Holub, Aspenstrom and Snyder amongst others translated into Gaelic. He has published collections of poetry of his own in English, Irish and Scottish Gaelic including Fax (1996), Flora From Lusitania (2005) and Zonda? Khamsin? Sharaav? Camanchaca? (2006) and Beartan Briste/Burstbrokenshroudloomdeeds (2011). His selected poems, Chernilo, were published in 2006 and his most recent collections are Trìtheamhan (2017) and Cuala, Dothra (2021). Lorg Eile/Final Call, his latest New and Selected collection, was published in May 2022. He has been awarded writing fellowships and residencies at: Art Point Gumno (North Macedonia, 2007); KIBLA (Slovenia, 2019); Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (Scotland, 1998, 2009); PROGR (Switzerland, 2009); University College Cork (2002) and the University of Manitoba (2008). He has received awards/bursaries from: An Chomhairle Ealaíon (2012, 2017, 2020); Arts Council of Northern Ireland (2014); Creative Scotland/ Scottish Arts Council (1995, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2013, 2016); Gaelic Books Council (2011, 2016, 2019); Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship (2014); Royal Literary Fund (2012, 2016) and Society of Authors (2002).
He is currently working on sequences relating to the Frenzy of Sweeney, Covid-19, Gweedore and Sleat, a version of the poem the Galley of Clanranald, and as editor of an anthology of contemporary Scottish Gaelic poetry.

Published collections
Fax and Other Poems, Polygon 1996, ISBN 0 7486 6216 2
Cùis-Ghaoil, Diehard 1999, 0 946230 560
Bealach Garbh, Coiscéim1999
On the Underground, Polygon 2000, 0 7486 6274 X
Naomhóga na Laoi, Coiscéim 2003
Tóithín ag Tláithínteacht, Lapwing 2004, 1 898472 82 3
An Duilleog agus An Crotal, Coiscéim 2004
Flora from Lusitania, Lapwing 2005, 1 905425 30 9
Zonda Khamsin Sharaav Camanchaca?, Leabhraichean Beaga 2006, 0 946427 402
Chernilo, Coiscéim 2006
Eadar Fiaradh is Balbh na h-Oidhche, Diehard 2007, ISSN 1460 681X (W3)
Céilí san Oíche, Coiscéim 2009
Beartan Briste/burstbroken judgementshroudloomdeeds, Cape Breton University Press 2011, 078-1-897009-61-1
Ceangailte, Coiscéim 2011
Trìtheamhan, Diehard 2017, 978-1-911357-58-2
Cuala, Dothra, Coiscéim 2021
Lorg Eile/Final Call, Francis Boutle 2022, 978-1-7398955-3-2
Sweeney: An Intertonguing, Francis Boutle 2023,

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