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Mhairi Scott


In January 2020 I moved to Toward on the Cowal peninsula. Living and working in Argyll is inspiring and directing me in such a big and beautiful way. I am only at the start of this journey but slowly it is feeling more and more right for me. I am entirely self taught and driven, having received no formal art training at college or university. In January 2016 I started needle felting after receiving an instructional book from my family. The first few years of my craft involved needle felting figures, mostly for family and fun and then I started to attend craft fairs and comic-cons. The process of wet felting found me around 2019 and I started to create scarves and dolls clothing for my own needle felted dolls. I really enjoyed the tactile nature of working with fibre in this way and looked for more ways of working this way. Studying 3D wet felting and surface design has helped me expand my knowledge and experience in felting so much. My current objectives include the development of my art business, and being part of a wider team whether it is through my work with CHARTS Argyll and Isles, Cowal Open Studios, Artmap Argyll or local fairs and events. I love being a part of a team of local artists as it such a busy and dynamic group of people and it enables me to be a part of a bigger picture or body of work. When you are self-employed it can be quite isolating at times, so my connection to other artists is beneficial to me as it allows me to be a part of a team once more and to grow in that experience. At the moment I have been researching and teaching myself aspects of natural dyeing using plants and trees. This has been achieved through online research and books. I have really loved the ecological aspects of the recent eco printing course that I have taken and seek to expand my knowledge and experience in working ethically and environmentally. My art must leave the planet either as I found it or no worse off. My methods must therefore be informed by best practices in eco printing and dyeing. This in turn will feed into my wet felting processes. It is my intention in the future to write and make available courses that allow others to learn the skills of wet felting, eco printing and natural dyeing. I am entirely self taught and driven, having received no formal art training at college or university. I have in the past written and published work, (writing is another love of mine), and would love to use this experience in my art practice.

My Showcase

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Divinity Within 3D Wet Felt Vessel.jpeg
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Edgar Allan Poe Raven Needle Felt.jpeg