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Stephanie Connelly


Stephanie Connelly is an artist and engineer who has worked variously in the visual arts, community arts, project management and in academia. As a graduate of Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art (2001), her work in the visual arts includes drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. After establishing a full time practice in the arts, her work as a sculptor in both gallery and public contexts led Stephanie to retrain in Civil Engineering ostensibly to gain an alternative perspective on materials, structures and structural design. During the her undergraduate engineering training, a fortuitous stint in the laboratory investigating novel biotechnologies aimed at addressing the global water and sanitation crises, she developed a passion for a engineering science which led to her gain a PhD at University of Glasgow (2016) and ultimately to her current role as Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at Glasgow. Presently she is working to further develop her own visual arts practice and to explore opportunities to meld her passion for engineering with creative artistic practice.