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Laura Dennis



I'm an oil painter and illustrator working in the spectacular scenery that surrounds Loch Nell near Oban. My work focuses on depicting the dance of light and nuances in tone, textures and colour to create atmospheric minimalist landscapes. Increasingly my practice is evolving into forms of abstract expressionism, gentle creeping away from more traditional realism in a bid to capture not just form within a landscape but the feeling of being in it. Nature is my greatest muse and continues to be a continual theme in my main artist practice.

Illustration is my second passion. I work predominantly in watercolor on clay panels for the majority of my portfolio and I’m currently represented by Bridgeman Studio (London) and the ArtLine Group (USA). Continuing with under the arc of nature, my illustrative practice leans more toward depicting creatures that inhabit the environment we live in.

The final facet of my practice is teaching. I run watercolour and drawing classes in Oban, as well as a series of life drawing sessions. I am very open to collaborative work and thoroughly enjoy sharing skills with the wider public.

My Showcase

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