Caro Preston



I lived on the Isle of Bute for many years before moving to progress my career as a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist. Absorbed in challenging work that gave me an insight into many often very difficult lives. This made me question ideas of reality, uncertainty, shadow and light. I often used creativity as a way of communicating with people in very dark places; but I also wanted the opportunity to express myself too and focus on my art practice. I sorely missed the island, its unique atmosphere, community and beauty. You never forget Bute.

Since my return I have been able to combine both professional strands and reunite with the island life exploring my creativity. My earliest studies at university were in Philosophy; particularly ideas of what we can know and what we are. I’m currently fascinated by the concept that we are all of the same elemental substance ‘stardust’, and that materials ‘have their say’ in what we create. Have you ever tried to make something and found the materials are pushing you into a direction of their own? I’m looking at the idea of ‘one-ness’ that at best we collaborate with our materials, not control them. It leads me into so many interesting directions…

I work abstractly mostly, engaging in the flow of creative process; how the materials want to work, their nature, the pigments, textures, my feelings and memories; interested in what we take from our surroundings not just how we might represent it. I’m enthralled with the feelings of infinite yet bounded existence and the moment of captivation and belonging I feel, as I stare at a sunset, patterns on the beach, the wet stones around me or the emerging plants from the ground. Seeing myself as part of this not separate.

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