CREDIT Gertrude Hermes, Ring Net Fishers, 1955, © The Estate Of Gertrude Hermes



Khara MacPhail, Museum and Galleries Technician Modern Apprentice, supported by Museums Galleries Scotland & Skills Development Scotland. 

I live in Campbeltown and have done so my whole life.  I am currently studying for an undergraduate degree in History and Criminology and have always had an interest in heritage.  Like many people my age, I did not learn about my local history in school, so with this opportunity to work with CHARTS and Museums Galleries Scotland, I hope to gain that missing knowledge.  I am also excited to promote, and work in, Campbeltown Museum while learning and gaining practical experience in museums and heritage.

Part of my role is to assist visitors and care for the current collection. I am currently researching the collection and developing new interpretation texts and public engagement resources. 

I look forward to seeing you during your next visit. 




The Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly (CHARTS) CHARTS is a member-guided charity (SCIO) which aims to:

-Foster collaborative working across the whole Culture Heritage and Arts sector.

-Create events and products that are of sufficient quality and scale to be marketable at the highest level.  

-Create an environment that supports sustainability for sole traders and micro-businesses so they can afford to stay in Argyll and the Isles.

-Be an advocate for the needs and benefits of cultural activity.

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LiveArgyll is a local charity operating a range of facilities and leisure, library and cultural services on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council. liveArgyll has entered into an exciting new partnership with CHARTS who will lead the development work of Campbeltown Museum on behalf of liveArgyll and manage a modern apprentice supported by MGS.


The Friends of Campbeltown Museum

The Friends of Campbeltown Museum, a registered charity, was formed in 1991 as a pressure-group in response to a Scottish Museums Council report which found that the Museum collections were neglected and badly presented and that the Museum itself provided a low standard of service to the public. Within eight years, the Friends' main objectives had been achieved: a museums development officer for Argyll and Bute was appointed in 1994 and oversaw the conservation measures which enabled Campbeltown Museum to receive full registration status in the Museums and Galleries national scheme. In more recent years, the Friends' main role has been to assist with projects; but the group has also helped fund Museum improvements and furnishings and has been instrumental in the acquisition of local art, e.g., two Archibald MacKinnon paintings, purchased in 2018.

Banner Image: 'Ring Net Fishers', Gertrude Hermes, 1955